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We are a Management Training Consultancy focused on the development of the "Face-to-Face" skills of your most precious resource....your people.


You may have the best product or service offerings in your sector of the market place but they still need to be managed and offered to the market place and this can only be achieved through the talents and skills of your workforce.


Hanson Associates training programmes asks your people to consider their own strengths and weaknesses and focus on the one's that they do best.


Our coaching sessions ask people to consider their most marketable skills and talents and create ways of giving them the best impact possible either in their current workplace or when looking for a change.


Combine this with wider focused Leadership and Team Building Programmes and you have a compelling reason to give your people a Hanson Associates training experience.

2016 - A busy year

To date this has been a varied year with more focus on Performance Management and Coaching as managers start to feel the pressure of taking both responsibility and accountability for their teams.

We offer some core people management tools and techniques to make people handling a more clearly defined process with some basic rules that everyone will recognise and respond to.


Highlights from 2015

Another exciting and challenging year continuing with my previous clients but also working on these projects

  • Fast growing Wealth Management Company looking to grow their 7.5 billion management fund
  • Improving the Management Skills of a Company responsible for one of London's biggest developments in a location which runs the tests of time as an iconic London skyline feature
  • Core Communication Skills for a Leading UK organisation that provides a voice for firms at a regional, national and international level to policymakers

Highlights from 2014

Highlights include

  • Continuing coaching work for one of the country’s  leading outplacement organisations
  • A new relationship with Morphosis Partners, as one of their principal coaching consultants

On-going training work in a whole range of sectors including

  •    Construction – Can’t beat working with a longstanding Irish outfit
  •    Pharmaceutical – Leading German company and a leading professional body for               Pharmacists
  •    Logistics – Major competitor to the post office
  •    Space and Aeronautical – They build satellites
  •    Hospitality – Front running UK pub chain
  •    Transport – We travel on their leased trains all the time
  •    The Arts – A national institution going through change

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Optimised consultancy based on our unique business experience and expertise: find out more about the principles that guide our work.

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Your choice or our recommendations for Open or Tailored training programmes at basic or advanced levels.  We offer a full range of services which include needs analysis, programme design and follow-up once a programmes is completed.