Example Projects

We work in a wide range of sectors with many different companies and their wide range of expectations and needs.


Please read the overviews of typical projects we deliver




Who is Leading this place?


The Professional Services Division of this Organisation were meeting tough competition and lacked the drive to meet the challenge. "Below par" Leadership was identified as the root cause.


Hanson Associates defined the problem through appropriate research and then designed a two-week programme split over a 3-6 month period, to tackle and then re-inforce the input provided.


Empasis was put of people handling over and above the core techniques of being a good/better leader with "empowerment" as the key message.


Effective Point of Sale

Do we really present the right message?


This was the question asked by our client before they attended the biggest Global exhibition in their sector held in Germany. They also had one of the biggest booths.


Our intervention was simple. We recruited 15 global experts to visit their booth and competitor booths to help us produce a written and video report on their effectiveness against their competitors.


Sales conferences were never the same again! 

Winning Bids

Are we delivering well targeted and closing bids?


The familiar chestnut, where clients need to re-visit their bid strategy and "face-to-face" approach.


Our recommendations are based on a good closing structure to the document and a separate but well targeted closing presentation.


We focus on Credibility, Opportunity and a "Big Finish" to get the job done. 


We offer a 1,2 or 3 day course to address this critical piece of business development.