Our Programmes

"Yes we do have a range of programmes", which is the answer to the question.


More importantly is the answer to this question


"What are the programmes like?"


Unique is the answer, in that the key to any programme is the Leader and we always consider this first when appointing someone to work with you. Our training is based on the premise that 


"People buy people first"


Content comes next with appropriate research, followed by an appropriate course title to fit the needs of you people.  Then your are ready to go! Sounds simple and so it should be. The simpler the better. Then everyone understands what's about to happen.



                "New" - Leadership Transition


                Train the Trainer


                Appraisal Interviewing / Performance Management




                Communication Skills


                Conflict Management


                Problem Solving

Customer Service

Emotional Intelligence

          Handling Difficult People and Situations

Interpersonal Skills

Listening Skills


          Managing Effective Meetings

Negotiation Skills

Presentation Skills (click for example detail)

Project Management

Secretarial and Office Management Skills

Team Building

Time Management